How can your Software Solution be the best in every dimension?

Nov 1, 2013 4:43:51 AM

Just as for creating a great delicacy it is important to have the best mix of all ingredients, similarly for creating an outstanding software solution it is important that you give due importance to all the key dimensions of software development. Mentioned below are some key dimensions for which you must have a concrete strategy to reach the desired outcome in today’s world of cut-throat competition.

Every technology has its pros & cons. Depending upon your requirements the answer to the question of best suited technology may vary. Choosing the right technology gives your the right environment for faster development and lays the foundation of an outstanding solution.

The hosting of application and data is one of the major points of deliberation while architecting a solution. If not planned well and early enough, it can turnout to be a big showstopper later. The Cloud has become a buzzword and a bandwagon on which everyone wants to be in for the scalability and efficiencies it offers. However, it takes experience and technical know-how to determine which cloud platform is suitable for you.

Designing the mobile strategy for your solution is a make or break activity. The explosive growth in the smartphone segment cannot be ignored. It is only a matter of a few years before more visitors and business will come through mobile devices than desktops/laptops. It is, therefore, indispensable to have mobility a part of your strategy whether it is a website or a web-based application.

User Interface and Design
For any application, the user interface and user experience is the first impression and the entry point of the application for interaction with humans. However great an application is, without a well-articulated and well-designed user interface, it will not be perceived well and may not be successful.

E-commerce is a vital component of how business transactions are done today. Earlier, E-commerce was associated with online retail shopping websites but now it can be part of any website where you want to allow your customers to order and pay for services or products. With the ever-increasing choices of Ecommerce platforms, it is difficult to keep track of which platform offers which solution at what cost.

Social Ability
People continue to spend more time on social networks than any other category of sites - 20% of their time is spent on PCs and 30% on mobile. Everyone is aware of the increasing impact of social media and the internet on our lives. Social integration does not only help in better visibility and branding for your application but also for a large number of other applications such as engaging more of your customers with your brand.

Web Visibility
It is estimated that there are at least 3.59 billion pages on the internet. Therefore, maintaining high visibility for your website or web application becomes a daunting challenge. That is why it is important to integrate considerations regarding visibility while developing your website.

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