How Can Mobile Apps Retain Customers!

Jan 11, 2016 2:52:09 PM

Does your business need a mobile app! What are you doing to ensure that your app catches the attention of the potential customers who are already being deluged with all kinds of apps. Even if the customer downloads your app, it is not guaranteed that he will use it regularly. It is a challenge for app makers to inspire customers to use their app and to prevent uninstalls.

Here is a list of the key issues that you must tackle for improving the value proposition that your app offers to the potential users:

Invasion of Privacy
If the app collects personal data without any clear need – or without consent – it is likely to be uninstalled. With the customers becoming increasingly conscious about their privacy related issues, the apps must be careful about soliciting only the information that they need for providing their services.

Too Many “Rate the App” Prompts
For customers who are already stressed for time, it is annoying if they keep getting “rate the app” prompts every now and then. You can request for “rating an app” once, but not at regular intervals. It much better to hide the option of the “rating the app” in the help menu or somewhere else, so that the user can do the rating as per his discretion.

Glitches—Eats up too much memory—Crashes all the time: If your app is facing these issues, then it is destined to get uninstalled. Users have no patience for apps that have such problems. You should have your app tested on multiple devices and mobile operating systems and only when it is working perfectly you should release it to the app store.

Lengthy Forms
The users download apps because they want to avail certain services quickly and conveniently. If they are asked to fill lengthy and convoluted forms, they are likely to feel frustrated with the app. The app developers should endeavour to provide maximum services to the customer while consuming minimum resources.

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