How 4G will Enhance e-Commerce Experience in India

Nov 27, 2015 4:35:17 PM

Because of its capacity to provide connectivity of much higher speed, 4G can be a complete game-changer when it comes to real-time gaming and movies. But what about e-commerce! What kind of new innovations can we expect in e-commerce sector with high-speed 4G connectivity now becoming a reality.

Even today, online retail firms are constantly battling myriad kinds of logistics and network issues in order to ensure that they are able to serve their customers quickly and efficiently. The high-speed that 4G offers can make it easier of these online retail companies to handle such issues.

Many new avenues for providing customers with agreeable shopping experience can be developed when there is connectivity of better quality. Potential customers often leave the e-commerce website when they are about to finish their purchase—this in many cases is due to network issues or slow Internet. With 4G, the clients can rapidly make purchases without facing any such problems. This will only result in the sales of e-commerce companies getting a boost.

The e-commerce companies and the mobile solution companies are already collaborating in a major way to take advantage of the 4G networks. This is why we are seeing the trend of e-commerce transmogrifying into m-commerce. People who are already having 4G on their device are showing a marked increase in their preference for m-commerce. To cater to their demand, the e-commerce firms are coming up with ground breaking designs and models.

Daffodil Software is fully cognizant of the potential of 4G for revolutionising e-commerce and giving a flip to m-commerce in 2016. In view of this, we have been conceptualizing, designing and building ecommerce apps for startups and enterprise companies, which hold the potential for dominating the market in the new 4G environment.

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