Sachin Mehndiratta

Sachin is a Technical Lead at Daffodil Software. He is a firm believer that technology plays a big role in interconnecting the world. Being a part of this hi-tech landscape, he sees himself contributing back to society with his astute technical skills and mind blowing applications he works on.

Recent Posts

7 Benefits of Using Mobile App Prototyping Tools

By Sachin Mehndiratta on Jul 3, 2017 10:25:02 AM

Using an app prototyping tool is a common practice amongst UI and UX designers. It lets them take a test-drive of the app design, before the development cycle begins. More than that, it eliminates the designing roadblocks like last-minute tweaks, delayed approvals, and slower feedback cycles. Prototyping a mobile app enable the designers to share real-time wireframe of the screen-designs, ensuring that experimentation, feedback, testing, and approvals can happen on time.

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10 Proven Ways to Optimize Your ASP.NET Application Performance

By Sachin Mehndiratta on May 18, 2017 11:24:28 PM

.NET has made building dynamic websites a breeze. A mastery over the controls and understanding of the environment of this open source framework helps developers build scalable applications using fewer codes. ASP.NET is exclusively server-side and is language-independent by allowing the developers to choose from one out of many languages that target ASP.NET framework. So now you have deployed your application with ASP.NET and checked all the boxes before doing so.

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