5 Reasons to Nominate iOS App Development for your Business

Aug 30, 2017 5:43:55 PM

iOS App Development

In the Q1 of 2017, the Apple App Store hosted 1.75 million active apps. And if sources are to be believed, this number is projected to grow up to 5.06 million by 2020. Also, Apple confirms that this second largest app store had 180 billion app downloads in the Q1.


Certainly, these figures present the popularity status of iOS apps around the world. And together with this, there are a number of factors that define the real potential of iOS platform, giving more reasons to build an app for Apple store. Here, we take a look at some of those compelling factors.

a. Apple Devices have an Incredible Brand Loyalty

In a survey conducted by Morgan Stanley, 92% of the iPhone users who had their plan to buy a new phone within an year said that they will stick to Apple. The satisfaction of Apple users in their devices is one of the reasons and thus the likelihood of switching to another OS is very less.


b. The iOS Market is Less Fragmented (OS and Devices)

Currently, the available versions of iOS in use are iOS6, iOS7, iOS8, iOS9, and iOS10. And the latest Operating System, i.e. iOS10 is being used by a large share of users. When users adopt new OS and devices faster, it enable the developers to design and upgrade the apps faster.

This also enables them to derive the best out of the hardware of the new device, thereby rendering a better experience to the users. This means, if a new feature has to be added to an app compatible with latest OS edition, it has got possibility to reach the masses. This is one of the biggest advantage of unfragmented OS versions of Apple mobile devices.

iOS Distribution and iOS Market Share.png


Similarly, the number of devices and thus the hardware to keep into consideration are quite less in case of iOS. There are only a few models of iPhone and iPad available to the users and thus development takes less time, as compared to other OS like Android that has fragmented OS and devices.

c. Apple Initiates Implementation of Latest Technology

The tech-territory seems incomplete without a mention about Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality these days. Apple made its own core Machine Learning framework that its uses for Siri, QuickType, Camera. Using the ML framework, app developers can build intelligent applications, with just few lines of code.

Also, Apple has introduced the ARKit for developers that enables them to build smart app, powered by Augmented Reality. The ARKit takes the iPhone and iPad apps beyond the screen, making them interact with the real world.

d. Demographics and Popular iOS App Categories

Compared to other mobile devices in the market, estimating the audience for Apple's devices and therefore the iOS apps is quite possible. Apple devices are popular amongst Gen X, people with income $75,000 or more, and are educated in comparison to other smartphones in the market.


Reflecting the demographics, the most popular iOS app categories are Games, Business, Education, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. Therefore, if your brand falls under any of these categories, developing an iOS app in first place is definitely the right move.

Apple -most-popular-app-store-categories-2017.png

e. Apple Store has got Monetizing Potential

Ever since the launch of Apple App Store in 2008, the developer community is claimed to have earned 70 billion USD (till June 2017). Also, the store has 70% more downloads in the last 12 months, making way for developers to earn more.

In addition to this, the gross consumer spend by Store in the first quarter of 2017 is higher than competing app stores. Considering the annual income of those using Apple devices (see demographics chart above), the consumers are ready to invest in an app, buy its features, and help developers to successfully execute their app monetization ideas.


Want to Build an iOS App? We Can Help!

So, until now, the facts shared above about Apple devices, app store, and iOS must have convinced to you to opt for iOS development. If you have an idea that’s waiting to be compiled into an intelligent and profitable mobile app, we can help. Have a look at our iOS app development services.

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