15 Amazing Apps Built Using Flutter Framework

Oct 14, 2018 9:15:56 PM

Apps built using Flutter Framework

Cross-platform development toolkits are winning over the developers’ community. Reusable blocks of UI, reactive performance, code usability on multiple platforms are some of the reasons why these cross-platform app development frameworks are gaining ground. One such sought-after framework for mobile app development is Flutter by Google.

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform mobile app development framework for building native interfaces on Android and iOS. Introduced by Google in 2017, Flutter facilitates wrapping a web view in a native app. Other than its prowess to build apps with a native look & feel, this app development framework by Google is well-received by the developers and ISVs for development for reasons like:

  • Fast Development with Hot Reloading: With Flutter’s Hot Reload, developers can preview code changes in the emulator, simulators, or hardware for Android or iOS, without recompiling the app. This makes it easy for developers to experiment with the code, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs faster.
  • UI Building with Built-In Widgets: When building an app with Flutter, several isolated, independent, and reusable blocks of UI are developed, which are then composed to build a complex, comprehensive UI. Flutter offers Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets to build these UI blocks, along with flexible APIs for 2D, animation, gestures, effects, and more.
  • No OEM Reliance: Flutter is different from most other options for building mobile apps because the Flutter app neither uses WebView nor the OEM widgets that shipped with the device. Instead, Flutter uses its high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets.
  • Dart Language for Development: App UIs with Flutter is built with Dart, a modern, terse, object-oriented language. Dart uses a C-style syntax that transcompiles optionally into JavaScript.

Since Flutter facilitates developers to build cross-platform native apps with little to no compromise, the framework has been entrusted by startups and established brands for app development. Here are 15 innovative apps that are built using Flutter, exemplifying its potential to build native apps in varied categories.

1. Google Ads (Utility)

The Google Ads app enables users to view campaign stats on Android smartphone. The app showcase campaign details like real-time alerts and notifications, allows calling Google expert, act on suggestions to improve the campaign, add/edit/remove keywords, and more.

Apps built using Flutter- Google Ads

2. Alibaba (eCommerce)

The Alibaba.com app is a wholesale marketplace for global trade and incorporates Flutter to power parts of the app. The app allows its users to buy products from suppliers around the world, all from the convenience of a mobile app.

Apps built using Flutter-Alibaba

3. Reflectly (Lifestyle)

Reflectly is a journal and mindfulness app, driven by Artificial Intelligence. This Flutter app allows its users to create stories in a personal journal, offer a new set of questions every day to reflect the day, unlock advanced statistics and personal, actionable insights; all wrapped into a beautiful interface.

Apps built using Flutter- Reflectly

4. Birch Finance (Finance)

Birch Finance is a credit card rewards app that helps its users to manage and optimize existing cards. The app enables its users to find the best card for them (according to their spending pattern), tracking spending across all accounts, and offer different ways to earn and redeem rewards.

Apps built using Flutter-Birch

5. Hamilton Musical (Entertainment)

Flutter empowers the official app of the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton. The app includes exclusive daily news and videos, daily lotteries for New York, Chicago, London, and tour locations, daily trivia game, merchandise store (to purchase items from the official Hamilton store), and more.

Apps built using Flutter-Hamilton




6. Coach Yourself (Health and Fitness)

Coach Yourself is a meditation app made for the German market, facilitating its users to quit their unwanted habits and strengthen their personal development.

Apps built using Flutter- Coach

7. Hookle (Social)

Hookle is another app built using Flutter that allows its users to share posts, monitor social activity, and manage multiple social media accounts in one place. Hookle facilitates composing and publishing posts to multiple social media channels, monitor activities across all channels at a glance, customize posts per social media channel, and more.

Apps built using Flutter-Hookle

8. Watermaniac (Health & Fitness)

Watermaniac is an app that helps its users to track the amount of water they drink. The app enables its users to set a daily goal of water, have a history of all drinks that users took (and logged), and customize notifications to remind users about drinking water.

Apps built with Flutter-Watermaniac

9. Cryptograph (Finance)

CryptoGraph provides the latest data and figures for more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) etc. The app presents Exchange rate charts, allows selecting and adding coins to Favorites for easy tracking, and more.

Apps built using Flutter-Cryptograph

10. SG BusTracker (Maps & Navigation)

SG BusTracker gives an estimated time of arrival for buses in Singapore. The app enables its users to see a listing of nearby bus stops, serviced by SBS, SMRT, Go Ahead, and Tower Buses, along with seat availability defined with colour codes: Green (seat available), Yellow (standing available), Red (limited standing).

Apps built using Flutter-Bus Tracker

11. Inkino (Movie Ticket Booking)

Trick question, what do Finnish people do when they are not busy admiring their countryside or hiking? Well, they go to the movie theatres, of course!!! InKino app helps its users to choose movies quickly due to the intuitive user interface and easy scrolling. With around 40% of the codebase shared between the web and Flutter, InKino is a good example of a multiplatform Dart project.

Untitled design

12. Music Tutor (Education)

Music Tutor is a music learning app that teaches its users to learn piano and read sheet music. The app supports Solfege and German note names. The app is equipped with a sheet music reference chart for treble, bass and alto clefs. The app is moving up the rankings on the App Store, thanks to the native look and feel of the app. 

13. Topline (Utility)

This app helps musicians capture their musical ideas on the go. The app lets its users record their music, add lyrics, share files and sync them easily to the cloud. Topline is build using Flutter.

Untitled design (2)-2

14. Postmuse (Utility)

We have all witnessed the shift of businesses from Facebook to Instagram, which just makes sense to have professional looking Instagram photos in your profile. This is where PostMuse intervenes. PostMuse lets its user browse through Instagram photo templates, edit them, and lets them create their templates. The app also suggests the best images that you can use on your profile so it looks professional.

Untitled design (3)-1

15. In10 (Social)

In10 allows users to create new events in an easy intuitive user interface, share status updates and ETAs and invite guests to an event using SMS services. User's privacy is given the highest importance as the users can only see the relative distance of other members of the meetup group to the event location.

Untitled design (4)-1



Planning to build an app with Flutter?

The app examples shared above elucidates that Flutter has got potential for mobile app development, with any scale, idea, category, with any type of content. If you too have an app idea that this amazing technology can do justice to, then talk to our experts about getting started with mobile app development using Flutter.

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