Books, Courses, and Tutorials to Learn React Native Development

Oct 11, 2017 5:48:56 PM

Books, Courses, and Tutorials to Learn React Native Development

Cross-platform, native app development using Javascript. Besides this, the competency of React Native to build user interfaces is what make developers to define this framework as an edgy technology stack for mobile app development.

This new technology for building native app uses Javascript and XML-esque markup, known as JSX. Even though you are familiar with these technologies before, you need to get acquainted with views, components, API integration, and other processes to start with React Native development.

If you wish to learn app development with javascript framework by Facebook, either as a beginner or as an intermediate, this section is meant for you. Here, we share some of the finest resources (free and paid) to learn React Native so that you can get started with your next, cross-platform native app development, like a pro.

Books to Learn React Native

Books are certainly the most prominent and versatile way to learn. With these books on React Native, getting ins-and-outs of this framework is possible at your own pace. We have shortlisted some of the finest ones for you.

1. Learning React Native-By Bonnie Eisenman

This book will give you practical introduction of React Native, elaborating how to write and deploy a cross platform native app using Javascript. You can get yourself acquainted with how to access platform features such as user location, camera, local storage etc. In this comprehensive guide, you can:

  • Learn to develop native UI components for mobile apps using React Native.
  • Examine the way this framework uses the native components, very similar to the HTML elements.
  • Get to know about the tools for code debugging and handling issues that aren’t related to JS.

Published: January 2016

Title: Learning React Native: Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript

2. React Native Tutorial-By Nicholas Brown

If you have no idea about how to get started with React Native development, this beginner's guide might help you out. Right from installation to props, scroll view to animation, you will get to grasp these concepts through the book.

Published: December 2016

Title: React Native Tutorial: How to Start with React Native. Beginners Guide Book

3. Getting Started with React Native: By Ethan Holmes and Tom Bray

This book aims to guide React Native learners for developing a functional app using Javascript. It all starts with a sample application that will enable you to build custom UI components, access navigation features (like local storage, geolocation), implement navigation structure  etc. Moving further, the authors explain how React Native works under the hood. Once you end up reading the book, you can:

  • Setup React Native development environment on devices and emulators.
  • Understand the details of how React Native performs at the backend.
  • Write native UI components, master layout designing, navigation etc.
  • Develop native modules using Swift or Object-c and integrate it with JS.
  • Test and deploy the React Native app on production server.

Published: December 2015

Title: Getting Started with React Native

Courses & Tutorials to Learn React Native

Internet has disrupted almost every sector and education is no exception. With a number of qualitative massive open online courses (MOOCs), learning new technologies and updating the existing ones is possible at the pace of an individual. Here are 3 platforms where you can find the best of video tutorials, practical guidelines, and certificates for React Native development.

Udacity: You can join Udacity’s Nanodegree Programs to get started with React. This course will not only make you acquainted with React technology but will teach you to build web and mobile apps using ReactJS and React Native. The Nanodegree programs are designed by experts in the field and ensures that you have both theoretical and practical know-how at the end of course. You can check about the course instructors, the lessons covered, and in this course, you will have your hands on three projects. If learning with job perspective is your aim, go for it.

Udemy: On Udemy, you can find free and paid video courses to learn app development with React Native. You can filter the courses as per your prior know-how, i.e. select courses according to beginner, intermediate, or expert level. You can learn at your own pace and get the course certificate on competition.

Lynda: Lynda by Linkedin is another MOOC platform to learn native app development with React Native. Depending upon the skill level, pricing, and author, you can choose professional courses on Lynda. For a a satisfactory and informed investment in any of the courses, you can go for Lynda’s trial program and grasp the best tips and techniques from the industry experts.

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We hope that you find these resources helpful. If you do have some resources that can make it easy and convenient to React Native, share them with us through the comments below. 

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