Neha Singla

Neha Singla is a software associate at Daffodil Software. She likes to write blogs, connect with people in her free time & love to dance with her daughter.

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Your corporate rebirth and things to know

By Neha Singla on Feb 25, 2021 2:44:42 PM

Many working professionals reach a stage or come across an event in their life when they decide to take a career break. Unfortunately, our culture is such wherein the majority of that working population is women. One of the most common reasons for women taking a career break is childbirth but there can also be other personal reasons which requires you to take a break in your professional journey. As an organisation, we have decided to remove the stigma of a career break by launching our #breakthebreak program. People go through a complete metamorphosis not only while taking a sabbatical but also while walking back into corporate life again.

Topics: Education
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