Apoorv Garg

Apoorv Garg is a Jr. Associate - IT at Unthinkable Solutions. He likes writing articles, playing the guitar, and solving riddles. He is a technophile and spends his leisure time exploring the latest technologies.

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Blue Eyes - A technology that understands emotions

By Apoorv Garg on Feb 18, 2021 10:01:49 AM

Have you ever thought about what will happen if our smartphones, tablets, and computers acquired the ability to sense our emotions? Imagine a world where machines can identify us, feel our presence, and interact with us the way we interact with each other. A world where machines can judge what we are feeling based on our facial expressions, hand gestures, eye movement, and our voice tone while speaking. All these things will soon be a part of the world we are living in and will be achieved with the help of Blue Eyes technology.

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