6 Software testing trends to follow in 2021

Mar 3, 2021 3:55:08 PM

software testing trends

There has been an incredible progression and development in the domain of QA testing with the recent patterns getting introduced in the industry. The introduction of these creative advancements led to new updates in the software testing, development, design and delivery scenario.

Organization’s priority list tops by cost optimization, despite cost optimization being one of the top priority, most of the IT leaders believe in the adoption and incorporation of the latest IT tools, methodologies and approaches for their teams and organizations, keeping the larger picture in consideration. 

The IT industry is one of those which never tends to slow down because of its dynamic and ever evolving environment. Time and again, there are new trends and patterns which need to be focused on. One of the most recent advancement in software development is testing with the help of AI. Implementation of AI on testing processes reduces the human factor from QA, thus putting extra pressure on the teams to deliver top notch solutions. 

In the current scenario, testing solutions and techniques are developing at a fast pace. Quality Assurance is no more just about identifying bugs and errors anymore, it is now a complicated technical process which includes assessing the product idea, behavioral predictions and analysis of opportunities and threats etc. 

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But the question is can we go ahead with using only traditional and well-known testing techniques to achieve the desired results. Organizations need to understand that traditional and well-know techniques are always the base for software testing processes, but if the team aims at becoming more competitive and efficient in the domain of quality assurance, they need to step up and continuously improve on their skills. A lot of organizations are also hiring software testing companies to enhance their productivity of their solutions. Due to the dynamic environment and continuous emergence of various trends, organizations need to adapt to these trends which will help them in adapting to the needs of the industry. Through this article, you’ll be able to understand and explore some of the software testing trends to look out for in 2021. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have considerably changed the capabilities and value offerings of the IT industry and it  would be one of the trendiest approaches that will become the key drivers of the next industrial revolution. AI and ML can completely change the way we use test data and improve bug detection algorithms and calculations. Many manual testing tasks are likely to be replaced with automation to distribute QA resources more efficiently. With the help of AI and ML, teams can fasten the pace of test environment creation, decrease the overall test maintenance and automatically create new tests.Software testing teams can also utilise both these technologies to improve upon their automation strategies and fasten their product release. 


This solution is about the combination of quality assurance (QA) and IT operations (Ops) into the CI/CD chain. QA procedures should not be separated from the entire start to finish software development process. QAOps means close communication and coordination between team members that will lead to developing a product of the best quality, complying with the deadlines, adding new features in the shortest time possible, and so on. 

The other way is by combining QAOps and DevOps. Continuous testing together with a CI/CD operation chain and continuous coordination between developers and QA experts is an approach that promises to identify errors quicker and fasten the product-to-market process.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

This huge and powerful digital network is quickly developing alongside the 4G and 5G network standards spreading all over the world. QA experts should be prepared to test software developed for completely new sorts of hardware for security, dependability, the convenience of usage, connection with other devices, etc. IoT tech is useful for both individual consumers and organizations.  

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Codeless Automated Testing

One of the software testing trends in 2021 would be an increase in the adoption of codeless testing tools. Codeless testing tools are based on sophisticated AI tech, in addition, visual modeling allows the quick development of test cases that cater to automated tests. Using such tools and techniques, employees can produce simple test case scenarios with no coding expertise and decrease the time wasted on recurring test cases.

Increase Demand for Big Data Testing

Organizations across different industries keep on adapting to enormous data volume and different forms of data. The mining of any sort of data be it unstructured or structured is known as big data which needs a start to end testing. Big data tests help in making enhanced decisions with right data validations and improving business planning, strategizing and market targeting with conclusions drawn from the big data analysis.

Higher reliance on data needs successful big data testing to ensure integrity, accuracy, dependability, and quality of data is important for making decisions by organizations. Big data tests help in taking data-driven decisions about different services and products. 

Incorporating Manual and Automation Testing

Automated thorough manual test effort is the ideal technique to uncover the capacities and capabilities of any skilled QA team. Consolidating these two efforts can enhance productivity, save time with improved quality. There are some aspects that automated tests can not deal with. Presently, there has been an increase in automation and the demand for automated QA engineers. With automation, the speed and efficiency of software testing increases significantly, however it can not cover elements like design, user experience, and usability. Creating balance for both automated and manual testing in a software development procedure is the QA test’s future. 

In order to leverage a product-market fit, a lot of organizations pay complete attention to quality and rely on experts working for the software testing company. The solutions provided by software testing service companies help you discover resources and skilled software testers or QA experts that are specialists in applied technologies. It is estimated that there will be an development in independent testing in the coming years. Focusing on security and automated tests could also be a good decision. With the innovations and advancement coming in 2021, it would be better to shift your focus to QA on user experience and further develop it on DevOps and agile best practices.

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