Top 5 Facial and Image Recognization APIs for App Development

Dec 19, 2018 6:31:43 PM

Facial and Image Recognization APIs

Face recognization is one of the widely adopted use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From mobile biometrics to social media apps, face and image recognization are used for enhanced user experience.  

The facial recognization market is growing and is estimated to reach USD 9.78 billion by 2023. The technology recognizes people the same way the human brain does, but with a different approach. It uses 2D, 3D, and facial analytics for face or object detection and analysis.

For developers to integrate face or object recognization technology in the web, mobile, or desktop apps, there are some qualitative APIs for help. Here are top 5 face and image recognization APIs by the tech-leaders that can be chosen according to their features and use case of a product.

1. Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognization analyzes any image or video file stored in Amazon S3. The API uses proprietary deep learning technology, developed by computer vision scientists at Amazon. With Rekognition API, you only pay for the number of images or minutes of video.

  • Object, scene, and activity detection

  • Facial recognition (in photos and videos)

  • Facial analysis (happiness, age range etc.)

  • Unsafe content detection

  • Text in images

  • Pathing

  • Celebrity recognization

2. Watson Visual Recognization

Watson Visual Recognization API allows to tag, classify, and search visual content using deep learning algorithms. The Watson Visual Recognization API can be integrated with Core ML (Machine Learning toolkit for iOS) for building computer vision mobile apps.

  • Analyze object, faces, food, explicit content etc.

  • Pre-defined models for image analysis

  • Create custom models and train them

3. Kairos

Kairos utilizes computer vision and deep learning to recognize faces in photos, videos, and in the real world. With Kairos API, developers can integrate following human identity features into a software application:

  • Face recognition & identification

  • Face verification

  • Age & gender detection

  • Multi-face detection

  • Facial features

  • Diversity recognization

4. Microsoft Computer Vision API

Microsoft’s Computer Vision API categorizes & process visual data and perform machine-assisted moderation of images. The API allows identifying previously tagged people in images that allows developing secure and powerful internet applications.

  • Analyze an image

  • Read the text in images

  • Read the handwritten text from letters, notes, whiteboards etc.

  • Recognize more than 200,000 celebrities and landmarks

  • Analyze video in near real-time

5. Google Cloud Vision

Google Cloud Vision comes with pre-trained models for image recognization and analysis. Developers can build custom models using AutoML Vision, depending upon the type of use case that the applicaton has.

  • A wide range of models, ranging from transportation to animals

  • Integration with ML Kit for Android and iOS app development

  • Explicit content detection from images

  • Handwriting, face, and landmark detection

  • Sentiment analysis from images

Need Help to Build an AI-Powered App?

Building custom face-recognition model, according to an app’s use case can go complex. If you are building an AI-powered app with face or image recognition features, our AI development services can help you build an intelligent, self-sustainable and context-aware model.

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