Areas we focus on

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Real Estate CRM Applications

Build cloud based  CRM software solutions having features like pre-qualification algorithms/workflows, pipeline management, marketing automation, and rule-based notifications integrated with emails and SMS services.

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On-Demand Property Booking Applications

Develop on-demand property booking applications with custom front-end UI, desired business logic, advanced admin dashboards, virtual tour functionality, and most importantly scalability and robustness.

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Auction/Reverse Auction Applications

Robust cloud based applications for conducting offline and live auction/reverse auction of properties allowing collaboration of all stake holders - individuals, agents, and banks.

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Mortgage Applications

Develop custom mortgage solutions featuring modules like mortgage servicing, amortization, and loan origination with options for online application submission, decision support, risk assessments, conditions tracking, and more.


Our Service Offerings


Product Engineering

Development of highly scalable and intuitive real estate applications to provide interactive experience to your customers at each touch point.


Process Automation

Leverage the power of technology to automate repetitive workflows with a customized software to boost productivity and improve efficiency. 


Team Augmentation

 A scalable delivery model that helps you focus on scaling and managing your business while we augment your technical expertise and enhance product capabilities.

Customer Success Stories

Docutools: Compliance Management App for Construction

Daffodil helps Austria based docu-tools facilitate a smooth and efficient process and shorten response time from defect detection to fix, saving around 20% construction costs of real estate projects.


AreaOwl: A Real Estate Search Engine

See how Daffodil helped AreaOwl build a web-based local search engine that links travelers with local businesses in 3 major regions of the USA. The app has increased customer walk-in traffic to brick and mortar stores by over 30%.