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The Ultimate guide to setting up an Offshore Development Center with a stellar ROI 

Today, businesses are betting on outsourcing to increase their focus on core competencies and reduce internal costs. With the tech industry growing at a rapid pace, it is becoming imperative for top executives to look for new ways of extending their resources, business offerings and capabilities. Software development is the most widely outsourced IT functions globally.

At Daffodil, we specialize in providing stellar ROI to customers who are working with us on ODC model. We have compiled our ODC best practices into this comprehensive whitepaper that will help you get a positive ROI on your outsourced teams.

This 22 page whitepaper covers:

    • - Key signals for your business to setup an ODC
    • - Identifying the right technology partner
    • - Integrating the ODC team within your organization
    • - Maximizing the ROI from your outsourced team