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The CIO’s Guide to Improving Your Healthcare Practice’s Financial and Clinical Performance

Digital has the potential to completely transform the provider’s business and its operations through powerful and intelligent technology. Precision and genomic medicine, real-time clinical operation, virtual care, population health and care pathway orchestration platforms are rising and converging to form hyperconnected digital services and smart infrastructure that shape and form a new healthcare ecosystem. 

Many of the present innovations are compared to the existing era of the EHR (electronic health record) and clinical documentation technologies. The evolution of such solutions is also influenced by the demands of society for data democratization. The focus is on bringing healthcare consumers and the communities they inhabit to empower people to make more informed shared decisions with their clinical providers.

In this ebook, we have suggested innovations that healthcare CIOs can use to improve their practice's clinical and financial performance.

In this 11 page ebook, you will find:

  • - Why the need for digital transformation in Healthcare
    - Challenges of rising hospital operational costs
  • - The cost burden of risk and reimbursement
  • - Disruptions that are driving digital transformation in hospitals