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12 Things to Look for in Your Software Development Partner

Whether to outsource or build in-house, almost every entrepreneur faces this fork in the road at least once in their entrepreneurial journey. Indubitably, there are pros and cons for both options. However, experientially speaking, outsourcing can give you unparalleled benefits when compared to developing in-house. But how do you choose the right software development partner for product development?

Once you send in your inquiry, you will get estimates from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending upon the complexity. It becomes a nightmare to choose the best option as almost everyone will promise you the world before the project is awarded to them. 

Pricing should never be the only factor, if a wrong software development partner is selected, you will have to bear the endless costs of getting the app corrected with multiple delays. We at Daffodil Software call these "Rescue Projects", and trust us, we get a ton of these. However, we only select a few of them as fixing someone else's mess is never easy.

That is why, we launched this ebook on the 12 most important criteria on which you should judge your software development partner.


This 15-page ebook covers in detail:


  • - The key documents that you should ask from your software development partner
  • - How to evaluate their technology expertise?
  • - How important is past experience of their projects executed?
  • - Methodology of execution
  • - Engagement and working model


Hopefully, this ebook will help you ask the right questions, so you can choose the best software development partner for your next project.