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Expanding your Patient Base without Breaking the Bank

According to “National Health Expenditure”, hospital spending growth is projected to accelerate to 5.7% per year on average over 2020-27 because of faster spending growth from all payers (and Medicare in particular). Also contributing to faster growth over 2020-27 is somewhat higher price growth arising from expected increases in wage growth and tighter labour markets for hospital employees.

Hospitals may not have total control over revenues, however, they can control operating expenses, which comprise all the costs of taking care of patients: labour, supplies, utility, equipment, buildings, property, and capital.

In this ebook, we have suggested areas where medical practice owners can maximize their existing investments to expand their patient base.

In this 16 page ebook, you will find:

  • - Rising challenges of medical practice operating costs
  • - Why is a customized patient engagement software Required?
  • - 4 customizable patient engagement modules that medical practice owners need to implement right now