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Alexa for Hotels: A new personal assistant to Wow your Hotel Guests

Technology managers at hotels are always looking for innovative ways to provide their guests with exceptional experiences.  In the hospitality industry, where “experience is the product,” the ability to deliver excellent customer experiences is the only path to overall business success. Imagine if they can offer their guests a personal butler in every hotel room- too costly! Not anymore, with Alexa, this has now become a reality. 

At Daffodil, we constantly innovate with latest technologies to explore how they can transform into real business value for any industry. Amazon Alexa is one such technology which we believe will be a game-changer for hospitality industry. 

In this ebook, we have gathered few compelling reasons on why Alexa is the next big thing for hotels and how this personal assistant can wow your hotel guests.

This 20 page ebook covers:

    • - What are Alexa Skills and how they can be customized for your hotel
    • - How Alexa can drive up the Total Revenue per Available Room (TRevPAR)
    • - Why hotels with Alexa can command a higher average daily room rate (ADR)
    • - How Alexa can improve customer experiences and wow your hotel guests