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6 ways how pandemic catalyzed the Adoption of IoT

The recent pandemic resulted in global economic slowdown which led the government and organizations to change their policies & priorities and also led to financial crises in certain industries like transportation, real estate etc. Such financial crunch has impacted the adoption of digital transformation technologies in the short term, however, in the long-run, in the coming new normal situations, the pandemic acted as an catalyst to accelerate the IoT adoption and other digital transformation technologies across different industries.

Pandemic brought along changes in human behavior & consumption, government policies, organization’s operations which led them to exploring a new range of opportunities offered by the implementation of IoT solutions to prepare for the new normal coming along. Some of the changes like remote working, telehealth etc are expected to continue being a part of the normal lives.

In this eBook, we have covered six domains where IoT adoption has accelerated due to the pandemic

In this 12 page eBook, you will find:

  • - Current overview of IoT landscape
    - Domains where IoT adoption has accelerated
  • - How Daffodil helped their clients counter IoT challenges