7 Mobile app trends for 2018 that will shape the growth of your business

With each passing day of the year 2017, a few app development trends have shown steady increase in adoption, while a few have been neglected by the users. “Customer Experience” has been the key watchword this year. Brands have been focusing on innovative ways to enhance customer experience of their mobile apps. As the boundaries of innovation are pushed further, we might observe new trends in the upcoming year. 

With several innovative mobile app projects in our current development pipeline that are due for release in early 2018, we at Daffodil Software are in a great position to forecast the trends that will shape the future of mobile apps next year. 

We took the most common features and trends that our customers are implementing in their apps and we compiled them in this ebook. 

In this 17 page ebook, you will find:

  • - The top 7 trends that will become a norm for mobile apps in the year 2018
  • - Top features that you need to implement in your mobile app
  • - Eye opening statistics that support the claim for these trends
  • - Importance of customer engagement and focus on UX/UI

Hopefully, the trends covered in this ebook will help you identify the key features that you should incorporate in your next mobile app development project to shape the growth of your business.