Business Challenge:

Austria based docu tools GmbH had a legacy software that helps construction professionals to document their project. As they started to handle complex construction projects, their software confronted technical limitations to keep up with high-end documentation requirements. Major business challenges were;

  • To develop an Android app from scratch, with their existent backend in .NET. 
  • The project needed to process large PDF/images of building construction design. Their legacy code, which was running on Windows technology was taking 40-60 minutes for processing those images. 

Engagement with Daffodil:

Their association with Daffodil started for an Android app that can help construction engineers to coordinate on-site, keep stakeholders in project informed with pinpoint accuracy and create perfect documentation per click. 

During development, team Daffodil realized the limits of their backend services in rendering the images seamlessly and recommended an upgrade for their backend as well. Considering the complexity of project and need to upgrade the backend services in accordance to app structure and functionalities, a senior backend developer from Daffodil joined on-site team of docu tools in Austria. 

  • Networked Team: To have on-site coordination and control amongst engineers, docu tools facilitates to assign and control tasks, comment on posts, and cooperate across teams. This ensure that any deviations in construction plan are recognized, documented, and fixed, as per predefined TAT.
  • Intuitive Workflow: Features like split views for simultaneous views of screen, automated notification to stakeholders, task summary in notification center can help engineers to keep an overview of data.
  • Integrated maps and plans: The core of docu tools is the smart integration of plans- making them fast upload and easy to find. New plans can be integrated to map by searching for them or adding pin to specific location.

The Impact

The docu tools app is a part of Austria Airport construction and other high-end real estate projects, enabling engineers to manage sophisticated projects, which saves about 20% of the project time.

"Luckily we could collaborate with a very profound developer from Daffodil that fulfilled our needs not only on the technical level, he also delivered a lot to a good team spirit.”

Dr. Gerhard Schuster, Managing Director,