Areas we focus on

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Machine learning

End to end Sencha application development across 12 business domains such as e-commerce, healthcare, education, gambling, travel, social networking etc.

Virtual Assistants

Develop applications featuring real time data transfer like chatting applications, stock trading etc. with help of sockets or integration with standard market solutions like Firebase, QuickBlox, etc. 

Visual technology

Re-engineer existing legacy mobile app and migrate to Sencha Touch with modern UI/UX and top notch features

natural language processing

Augment your team with our dedicated developers having expertise in framework and AngularJS, Javascript, HTML5, etc

Our service offerings


Product Engineering

We combine mobile technology with our deep product engineering expertise to help our clients realize highly intelligent and interactive applications.


Process Automation

Reduce operational costs, turnaround time and achieve higher efficiency than what is humanly possible through intelligent process automation


Team Augmentation

Extend your team or develop your own virtual development center through our pool of 50+ Sencha developers having solved real life business challenges


See how Daffodil Software can help you build bespoke software products. Our 30 minute consultation includes:

  • Recommendation on best technologies
  • Ballpark estimates and time frame of development
  • Best practices that can be applied to increase user engagement