Areas we focus on

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EMR/EHR Solutions

Custom electronic health record software for optimizing workflows and recording demographic information, patient vitals, chief complaint charting, evaluation & management etc.


Fitness Apps

Fitness tracking mobile apps to track activities, weight, exercise routines, diabetes readings, and sleep patterns etc. integrated with wearable technology and other wearable medical hardware.


Healthcare Information Exchange

Integrating the different stakeholders involved in a patient’s health decision on a common secure and stable platform allowing effective interaction and promoting collaboration.


Hospital & Practice Management Solutions

Custom HIS solutions for managing patient-physician interaction, resource scheduling, patient registration, custom reporting, and MIS reports etc.


Telemedicine Solutions

Web portals and mobile apps that facilitate remote exchange of data between patients at home and their clinician to assist in diagnosis and monitoring.

Our Service Offerings


Product Engineering

Helping healthcare businesses to convert tech strategies into innovative digital products that offer enhanced care at reduced cost.


Process Automation

Automating templatized processes to boost productivity, expedite delivery of healthcare services, and optimize return on investments.


Team Augmentation

A scalable and flexible delivery model that lets you focus on patient care while we help you to augment your technical expertise in software product development

Customer Success Stories


African healthcare startup enables last mile connectivity for patients to get access to affordable and timely healthcare services. All this has been enabled through an integrated web and mobile platform developed by Daffodil Software.


Enforme Interactive

A US based organization helping medical and scientific associations in web and mobile technology adoption. Having an engagement with Daffodil for over 9 years, Enforme relies on Daffodil to augment their technology team and scale their business.