Business Challenge:

Established in 2001, Digital Mettle is a technology consulting and custom software development company based in Raleigh. The key challenges that Digital Mettle was facing prior to meeting Daffodil were:

  • Expanding service offerings and new technology adoption: – As technologies are evolving in leaps and bounds, the need to reinvent themselves and keep up to the constant evolution of technologies was of utmost importance
  • Accelerate product deliveries –It was becoming critical for them to deliver projects within tight timelines and recruiting talent with niche skill set had become a difficult task.
  • Optimize costs: As a growth stage company, it was imperative for them to minimize their expenditures and improve the overall ROI

Engagement with Daffodil:

Digital Mettle had their initial reservations in the beginning about our ability to understand their requirements and deliver as per their expectations. Hence, the association started with a pilot project in which one of their Windows based mobile app was to be migrated into Android and iOS versions, which team Daffodil delivered a way earlier than expected timelines; with utmost code quality and designs.
The skepticism soon transformed into a confidence in Daffodil’s abilities and Digital Mettle realized that Daffodil was a partner that most ISVs could only aspire for. Throughout this engagement, which has now spanned over 6 years, Daffodil’s value addition to Digital Mettle is evident by our ability to:

  • Deliver multiple projects ranging from varied industries like healthcare, real estate, ecommerce, defense, pharmaceuticals and sports within strict timelines.
  • Shift their technology focus from traditional technologies like DotNet to latest technologies like AngularJS, ReactJS, Sencha Touch, etc., and eventually helping them to expand their service offerings.
  • Manage end-to-end software product lifecycle including conceptualization, designing, wire framing, code development, testing and documentation of their projects.
  • Deliver projects within strict timelines with ease due to flexible scaling of crossing functional teams, complimented with Agile driven development methodology.

The Impact

  • Counting on Daffodil’s strong technical abilities, Digital Mettle has been able to expand their market to newer industries and technologies, which was initially limited to healthcare and DotNet respectfully.
  • While Daffodil acted as their technology arm, Digital Mettle was able to focus on the core business development, which resulted in 5-fold growth in revenue in past 4 years.

“We met Daffodil 4 years ago, and since then we have increased our revenue by five-folds. When you are looking for a technology partner, you should look no further than Daffodil."


Jason MacEntee, CEO, Digital Mettle