Business Challenge:

Enforme is a software product company specializing in business management products for medical and scientific organizations. Applications build around their CMS framework are being used by numerous leading medical and scientific organizations across the globe.

  • Providing better customer experience to their clients: Having an flagship product built obsolete technologies, it was becoming prerogative to revisit the product architecture to cater new business needs of the clients
  • Enhancing product features: As technologies are evolving in leaps and bounds, the need to reinvent themselves and keep up to the latest design features and UI/UX was of utmost importance. The prevailing application design was lagging behind in terms of user experience and

Engagement with Daffodil:

Enforme contacted Daffodil in 2010, for a quality assurance project for their existing CMS platform built using DotNet technology. Having no prior experience of outsourcing and hence being skeptical in our abilities, the initial engagement was limited to quality testing of one of their portals built using their flagship CMS platform, which Daffodil delivered a way before the agreed timelines, strengthening their belief in our abilities. The engagement with Enforme has now spanned over 8 years. What started as a minor QA project has now turned into a complete management of their entire flagship platform. The pinpoints of the engagement as as follows:

  • Contended with the quality of work delivered by our team, Enforme continued with Daffodil to help them with upgradation of their framework as well.
  • Daffodil re-constructed the complete architecture of their framework, optimized it with clean and lean coding using modern technologies like ASP.Net, SQL Server, KnockoutJs JQuery, WebApi and web services etc.
  • Continuous performance improvement and ideas to upgrade and enhance the product.
  • Since the user base is expanding exponentially, Daffodil has provided many suggestions in order to improve the performance and scalability of the application.


The Impact

  • Counting on Daffodil’s strong technical abilities, Enforme has been able to expand their market to newer industries and technologies.
  • Daffodil implemented contemporary development practices such as Continuous Integration and Build Automation, increasing delivery process efficiency

"Thank you for your continued hard work, extra hours and real dedication towards our product. Team daffodil went an extra mile to deliver our project in strict timeline. The skillet of developers  at Daffodil is exceptional. All the best."

Rob King,
Director of Product Development, Enforme Interactive