Business Challenge:

Sagitarix is a Nairobi-based software company that envisions to provide on-demand access to healthcare services like consultation, diagnostics, medicines, etc. to the rural population of Africa, through their flagship mobile solution, iSikCure

Sagitarix had a vision to develop a digital platform that connects all the stakeholders in the healthcare sector. The aim was to provide an on-demand and cost effective access to healthcare in Africa through mobile technology. Sagitarix was in search of a technology partner that could help them realize their product idea. A secure, smooth and real-time flow of information was pre-requisite of this platform. However, they were oblivious to how to mobilize the healthcare information electronically across all the stakeholders, while complying with healthcare regulations and the technologies that could lift up their idea in terms of robustness and scalability.

Engagement with Daffodil:

On realizing their product objective, Daffodil recommended development of a health information exchange (HIE) platform that could help users to have access to information on where, when and how to seek quality care, diagnostics and medicines. An integrated platform was developed where in healthcare professionals, physicians, pharmacies and diagnostics centres could could register themselves and the patients can connect with them to receive instant access to healthcare services. In addition, our team analyzed the project scalability, predicted future user base, and other functionalities to finalize the technologies that could support future expansions.

  • The engagement started-off with a “Discover & Frame (D&F) phase to document a clear view of their app idea, target market and persona, business model, revenue streams and most importantly, their expectations from Daffodil.
  • Daffodil’s business analyst team analyzed the target audience and application requirements, identified, project risks and created comprehensive app mockups and a development plan.
  • Our UI/UX designers thoroughly understood the user behavior, motivations and aspirations of each stakeholder and created intuitive designs and user interface that aimed to provide all the necessary information exquisitely.
  • In order to access information in real time, the technology stack behind the application included modern dynamic technologies like Nodejs, AngularJS, MongoDB, and Ionic JS.

In integrated mobile solution was developed with following features

  • A medicine adherence system for both doctor-patient portals that enabled doctors to prescribe medication and remind patients to take their medication, on defined intervals.
  • A personal record management system to keep a record of medical history (involving symptoms, prescription, appointment details etc.)
  • A flexible appointment booking system that allow patients to connect and communicate with doctors, labs, pharmacies, wellness providers, and health counselors.
  • Offline support for users to have seamless experience in slow or no network connection. This was done considering the telecom infrastructure in Africa.
  • Provision for Medpoints and their redemption so that users can avail better care opportunities as they stay connected with the app.
  • For faster retrieval of medicine details on users’ request, a detailed database of medicine was developed in MongoDB.

The Impact

Sagitarix successfully launched iSikCure mobile app in the Kenyan market and has received an overwhelming response from all the stakeholders. The platform seamlessly addresses to the connectivity challenge between patient, doctors, and other care providers, thereby adding accessibility and affordability to the medical services. Here are a few facts that testify the platform’s success

  • In less than 6 months of its launch, iSikCure acquired 18,000 users, registered 500 doctors, and 50 pharmacies across Kenya.
  • With its progressive performance, iSikCure bagged the prestigious Medica App award 2017.

“I express my sincere appreciation to Daffodil for fantastic work leading up to launch of iSikcure. We look forward to post-development support and growth of features that will make iSikcure a household name soon enough”

Dr Moka Lantum,
Founder & CEO, iSikcure