Developing Ecommerce environment for Magento OXID and Shopware

By Team Daffodil on Mar 6, 2013 11:45:16 AM

Developers in smaller and larger e-commerce agencies/shops are often faced with different development environments. Customers who want to evaluate e-commerce platforms like Magento, OXID or Shopware have to handle everything from downloading the packages, their LAMP stack and installing it on-the-go. Of course, you might have your own virtual machine, but for a quick shot you have to create another virtual host etc.

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The Growth of eCommerce with Magento

By Team Daffodil on Mar 4, 2013 11:56:04 AM

It is a season of good news for all the online merchants and shoppers. According to the recent report by the eMarketer, the eCommerce industry proudly surpassed the trillion dollars mark in the year 2012. The B2C sales have increased by 21.1 percent and the experts predict that it will increase by another 12.3 percent in the current year. This only gives much more hope and promise to the online merchants to plunge into the deeply rewarding and thriving sea of eCommerce and concentrate their eCommerce websites in a better way to capture the flourishing business potential.

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3 Magento Extensions to Improve Your Buyer's Online Shopping Experience

By Team Daffodil on Jan 28, 2013 1:42:43 PM

Upliftin the technology is noticeable in almost every industry.Technology's recent impact on retail industry can be gauged throughfrequent openings of new e-stores. Since the inception of onlineselling; industry and the users, both, have undergone many changesand improvements. With lot of stores online now, every one is toilinghard to provide best possible features and facilities on their storesand on the other hand, user's expectations from e-stores have alsoincreased. Default e-store features are no more sufficient to bindbuyers and henceforth an e-store demands more facilities and featuresfrom their software development vendors.

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