Customized & Localized Services in Apps

Dec 4, 2015 7:21:52 PM

When customers are discerning about the kind of products and services they require, it is important for apps to enter the niche areas where they can offer customized services. A recent study conducted by Dynatrace proves the point that users tend to look for specific features in their mobile apps: they want proactive and personally relevant information—they want services that are based on their location at any particular point of time.

The customers will only like to use an app that offers more personalized and localized service, one that pushes towards them offers and discounts that are based on their interests. The app must allow the customer to share the news of the offers or discounts on his favourite social networks. The most successful apps this year are those that have found a way of offering consumers what they really need and desire.

Currently there are apps that intuitively learn and track what users read, search, look up or share with others—such information provides them the capability of intuitively fetching the customized content. The tag-based searching mechanism and intuitive platform in shopping apps helps in delivering the most relevant and current sales information, including daily promotions.

It is apparent that the customized and localized services are playing an essential role in enhancing the shopping experience of the consumers. However, the road to customization of apps is never-ending. The app makers have to keep finding new solutions to further personalize their app offerings so that every customer feels that the app in his mobile is his personal factotum.

The FollowAnalytics survey recommends that brands, which want to realize ROI from their mobile apps, should consider adopting mobile app strategies that focus on creating long-term customer value. They have to use the omni-channel approach to guarantee personalized customer experience. This is important in a world where most people are living through their mobile phones.

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